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First, Sign Up for a
Free Account

SafetySpectrum is available free for a Safety Professional who needs to create a private Community of Practice (CoP) to remotely protect a small workforce. Also available are larger, paid subcriptions to remotely protect a growing workforce or for Safety Businesses that need to remotely protect multiple workforces at scale.

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Then Video Journal
Safety Knowledge

Field safety coaches can use SafetySpectrum to quickly transfer their perishable knowledge as a normal part of day to day work flow without having to write anything down. Using SafetySpectrum to visually learn from one another and for the organizaion to learn from its past mistakes is the core of meaningful safety..

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And, SafetySpectrum will Map the Hazards

SafetySpectrum's location based safety, rapidly maps videos of inherent hazards and first hand safety knowledge that the workforce uses every day to execute critical tasks safely. This rapid transfer of safety and technical knowledge creates a shared level of safety across the organization as a whole from the CEO to the last apprentice hired.

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Collectively, Build a Library of the Company's Safety Knowledge

SafetySpectrum enables everyone to add value to their work skills by video capturing what they do while they are doing it. Instead of trying to write things down highly skilled craftsmen are using their smart phones to capture Video Journals (VJs), Video Hazards (VHs), and Video Event Reports (VERs). SafetySpectrum is designed so you can quickly create a private library of your work so that you will always remember what you did and why you did it that way. Then when you are ready, share your very best work to the built in Library with Catalogs of the very best work.

Video Journaling

Video journal your best work in HD. Many mobile device HD video cameras have remarkable lens elements, resolutions and image stabilization features which enable you to produce stunning results when you video journal your work. SafetySpectrum has built in guides that will help you quickly learn to video your work. By default each new upload is private in your "Me" area. So don't worry you can make mistakes and learn along the way as you grow the quality of your private library of Video Work Journals (VWJs)

Streaming Upload

Upload on the spot. That's it. No copying of files, no renaming, no reformatting. Just point, shoot and upload. As soon as you play the video back in SafetySpectrum you can delete the video from your mobile device to free up valuable storage space on your device. Now you can manage hundreds of video work journals (VWJs) and never run out of space on your mobile device. All in beautiful HD. SafetySpectrum "streams" the upload so you can upload any size video you want without having to worry about running out of RAM memory on your device during the upload. 720p uploads take 3 to 5 minutes per minute of video depending on the speed of the network connection. 1080p uploads take longer.

Invite & Follow
Don't tell them... Show them

SafetySpectrum has a built in invitation work flow to invite one person or an entire group of persons in the community to watch shared video journals, video job aids or video hazards. A convenient Watch List makes it easy for a person to quickly find their favorite video journals.


SafetySpectrum can tag the video journals that you upload with Geolocations. Then, anytime you return to that field location, with just a glance you can see all of your video journals in your vicinity. If your colleagues have previously, in the same vicinity uploaded and shared any videos, then SafetySpectrum conveniently displays these videos too. Now you can make informed decisions and stay aware of hidden hazards no matter where you work!

In The Vicinity...

Being able to visually watch previously captured knoweledge with just a glance makes a team of field operators much more resiliant. You can remember what you did last, understand what they did last and become instantly aware of hazards that are intrinsic to the assets in the current location.

SafetySpectrum's geolocations make you more efficient, because when you return to the same location later you won't forget the intricacies of past work and previous knowledge. SafetySpectrum conveniently displays your video journals, in your vicinity.

If your colleagues have previously uploaded and shared any videos when they were in the same immediate vicinity then SafetySpectrum conveniently displays those videos too.

See On the Job Hazards in One Click

Open the SafetySpectrum app and click on "In the Vicinity". That's all you need to do to see things like video journals, video job aids even site specific hazards that were videoed by you and your colleagues while working at the location.

As Easy as Finding Gas Stations

The videos in the vicinity are interactively mapped. Just click on a video and the pin will highlight with a label, or click the pin and see the label. Then click the label to watch the video.

Scale from 50 to 10,000 Meters

The default vicinity size is typically 500 meters but you can set the default scale all the way out to 10,000 meters (6 miles) as you prepare to move from one job site to the next.

The Big Picture

The larger vicinity views help you to see all of the on the job videos that have been shared by colleagues working across the locations in your area.

Search the Map

The video geolocations on the map are searchable by Title and Description of the video asset. In this example the person starts to type "cross member shoring" and immediately is shown the location of that particular video work jounal.

Add, Remove and Change Geolocations

Geolocations are an option that is set when the video is uploaded to SafetySpectrum. At the time of uploading the longitude and latitude are captured by SafetySpectrum and associated with the video. At any time after the video is uploaded the geolocation can easily be changed or removed. If the video never had a geolocation just press your finger and hold on to set or change geolocation.

Extend the Power of SafetySpectrum
to your Apple Watch

Make your field operations team even more resilient by putting the power of SafetySpectrum right on their wrists. With SafetySpectrum for Apple Watch you can glance at your wrist and see if there are any operational video job hazards, video job aids, video event reports or video work journals that have been previously recorded and shared in the location you are working at. With just a glance, you can be made aware of previously hidden hazards that were just waiting to ruin your whole day.

Push Video Journals from the iPhone
to the Apple TV

Gather around in the bull room, or the dispatch center or the conference room. The big screen is not just for presentation slides anymore.

Share Your Best Work
On the Big Screen

Since 2013, SafetySpectrum Communities of Practice (CoPs) have been capturing HD quality video journals, job hazards, job aids and event reports. That HD quality really shines through on the Apple TV. As a native app that runs on Apple TV, SafetySpectrum brings all the speed and HD video quality to share your best work on the big screen.

Pipe in Situational Awareness
from the Field to the Dispatch Center

From sharing their best work in the bull room to piping in situational awareness into the dispatch center the SafetySpectrum App for Apple TV enables field operators using SafetySpectrum on their iPhones to extend their peer to peer video collaboration and become "channels" of knowledge transfer.


When SafetySpectrum is first launched the Home view opens with Find a Video right at top and ready to go. In just one click and with a few words you can find any video in the system that has been shared by yourself or others. The Home view has the most helpful and most used features including Find a Video, Upload a Video and Learn to Video.

Search Options

Search every shared video in the SafetySpectrum by title or description. If you don't know much about the video but you do know who made the video just click on "Us" and search for the person. Finding videos in SafetySpectrum is intuitive and quick.

Share Your Best Work
Publish your very best work

SafetySpectrum starts with you in your ME area where you can grow your private library of things that are important to you and that you need to visually remember. When you are ready you can Share some of your best work from your ME area to the US community of practice (CoP). Finally you can Publish your very best work to a Catalog in the company Library.


SafetySpectrum's Swipe and Push workflow makes sharing one of your best video work journals easy. With just a swipe of your finger, click the share button to make the video available to others in the Us community. Sharing has several notification options including letting everyone know that you shared some work or keeping it on the down low via the Silent Share option.


For a while you have been making private Video Work Journals (VWJs) in your Me area. A few of them turned out to be some of your best work so you shared them with others in the "Us" community. Eventually through informal collaboration in the "Us" community you find that a few of these are really your very best work and that should be published as Video Job Aids (VJAs) into a Catalog in the Library where the Community of Practice (CoP) formally accepts your work as some of the Community's very best work.


Each of the Catalogs in the Library is managed by an Approving Specialist. Upon receiving notification that a new Video Job Aid has been published to the Catalog the Approving Specialist reviews and either approves or disapproves the newly cataloged Video Job Aid. If approved, then Video Job Aid is deemed "Published" and it is now formally accepted by the Community as some of the Community's very best work that meets their highest standards.

Once Approved...
Swipe to transcribe

After a video has been approved by an approving specialist it can then be transcribed. With the swipe of a finger the approving specialist or an account authorizing person can send the video off to Transcription Services. In 5-7 business days the full transcription will be shown in the video which will make every word in the video searchable.

Search every word...

SafetySpectrum has a built in, easy to use transcription workflow that makes every spoken word in the video searchable. Some people like watching the video job aid, others just like to read the transcription and many people like to have both of these tools available to them in the palm of their hand for instant, accurate transfer of knowledge from one person to another across the company’s workforce.

Save for Offline Use
Video playback even when in airplane mode

As a mobile app, SafetySpectrum has the flexibility of working even when there is not an available network connection. While the entire library of videos is in the cloud you can choose which ones you want to be able to view offline. Just click on the cloud icon and the video will be saved for offline use.

To protect the author and the author's organization they work for the video is saved to a secure, temporary area inside the application where it can only be viewed. If the video belongs to the author it can then be copied to the camera roll for the author’s personal use. This enables the author to keep all of his or her videos in the SafetySpectrum cloud and not use up all the space on their mobile device, but always be able to download the video when they need it back.

Ease of Use
Quick, intuitive navigation and guides

Our mission at SafetySpectrum is to show you and your organization the fastest, best way to use video to routinely improve the quality and safety of your work. In just one click you can start to find a video, or begin uploading a new video and even learn to video. With our built in guides you will be capturing high quality, HD video journals of your work in just a few minutes. There are a million ways to waste time learning how to use video as an effective collaboration tool in the work place.

Learn to Video

SafetySpectrum has built in resources to teach you how to capture, edit, upload and collaborate. Each of these video tutorials is just 3-8 minutes long. These will started quickly and they are all right inside the SafetySpectrum app. In the first few minutes you will already have captured and uploaded your first test Video Work Journal (VWJ). In less than an hour you will be joining clips and even making picture in picture edits right on your iPhone or iPad using Apple's free but very powerful and easy to use iMovie video editing app.

Enjoy Priority Support

What if you could get support right when you are using the App? That way you don't have to send an e-mail and we don't reply when you are busy with something else. Welcome to Priority Support where a live person messages with you to help you get the most out the app. And - we do this all right inside the SafetySpectrum app while you are using it. Now that's efficient customer support! Priority Support also includes old fashioned e-mail and phone support.