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As part of the Library feature set, KnowledgeKeeper incorporates vibrant Communities of Practice (CoPs) that everyone can learn from and contribute to. Become a part of a community in the Public KnowledgeKeeper or create private communities by purchasing a Private KnowledgeKeeper account for your organization. The Library manages Catalogs of Video Job Aids (VJAs) and Video Event Reports (VERs).

Catalog: Electric Transmission Line Operations

Are you one of the best or do you want to become one of the best? There is no margin for error in high tower, high voltage, "T-Line" work. This catalog is where Transmission Line field operators share their very best work and give insight for how they execute the difficult tasks they face every day.

Catalog: Electric Distribution Line Operations

Above ground, underground, electrical distribution lines are all around us. Maintaining this massive infrastructure requires not just physical skill but also you have to work carefully and have a great memory. The grid from the substation to the home is being modernized and pushed to do everything from manage solar installations to networking of 100's of millions of "Smart Meters". Sharing knowledge along with a "learning attitude" is absolutely essential to getting the job done right every time.

Catalog: Human Performance

Executing dangerous tasks without causing a catastrophic event requires a highly specialized set of skills. One of those skills is a mastery of Human Performance. Human errors can never be eliminated, but by managing the risk of human error catastrophic events can be eliminated. Field operators know they must continuously invest to maintain their human performance knowledge of the pre-cursors that cause human error. Field operators engage in pre-task and post-task briefs to ensure that every member of team they are with is in agreement about what the critical steps and hazard traps of task are. As a community there is a huge need to be able to visually sharie and discuss every near miss and every event.

Catalog: Gas Operator Qualification (OQ)

As mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) every gas operator must periodically demonstrate that they are competent and qualified to execute covered tasks on gas pipe and pipeline operations. One of the best ways to prepare for the periodic OQ evaluation is to self-video yourself executing a covered task, get feedback and compare this with video of other operators executing the same task.

Catalog: Water System Operations

From water quality to new infrastructure technologies like ozone, not to mention increasing energy management requirements the complexity of water system operations has grown to a point where no one person can "know it all". The need to share knowledge in a water system from supply through metering has never been greater.

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